Please Listen, I am the Philippines!!!

May 18, 2009
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Please Listen, I am the Philippines!!!
Tranquility was found in me before

So easy, straight and strong like pole

Nobody ever treated me low

Seems like I was the mighty heaven, like Pope

But in every second the world makes the twist and turn

My people hit my every parts and I felt like I am burnt,

In every human being who treated me good before,

Now they are the animals you found in wild

So hungry they roar like a boar…

I never thought the peace and was so mild

Will turn into a humanistic world in horror

Hitting and smashing me so hard

“Please my Race, stand still! Don’t ever forget me!” I am the Land!!!!!!!

But no one hears me…the culture, the tradition in me…

Some thought it was so brilliant but some said NO

I realized! That NO is true…It destroyed me as a country...

The religions hide the outside skin of my people,

It also helped the others to have their hopes

But ears listen to me…I need YOUR help!!!!

I have many brilliant people in here

Who need your help to be so strong

These individual will make me tough and bring me back to life

People, Listen to me! Please, listen to me!

I am the Philippines!

I am the Place!

I am in Horror!

Please help me Lord!

When will the time come that my land will change?

Into a real heaven place on earth?

I used to be a pearl, a diamond and gold

But seems I am just a beggar now…In dirt, in shame! And In Tears!

Please my people help yourself!

I am the Philippines

I hope I will be!

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