The Lonesome Dragon

May 17, 2009
By Anonymous

I soared through night sky which purpose and hope.
That one day I may rule a castle that impresses even the pope.
Even now those arrogant lords scoff at me.
Little do they know my fire burns more than the sting of one thousand bees.
Through the lies and insults I try to cope.

The day I rule, those unlucky lords will pay,
For when my will is forced upon this land, it will be their last day.
I attempted to show compassion to them and live in peace.
But I was nearly slain by a foolhardy knight so I took to the sky like the geese.
Now I live my days alone in bitter dismay.

So I lie here melancholy and heavyhearted on this snowy slope,
Rooted in my place as if I am bound by a rope.
And in the midst of my daydream I awake
Thinking how shall I move on and cope.

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