Friends Like You(<3)

May 16, 2009
By becklovesyou4eva PLATINUM, Hilton, New York
becklovesyou4eva PLATINUM, Hilton, New York
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home for 4 days.
running out of things to say
and words to make rhyme.
no drama,
no fights,
no worries,
as I am home.
away from from all the pain.
talking behind backs.
fake smiles upfront.
no one being real
everything left unsaid.
running to class
taking endless notes.
100 question tests
and essays that never end.
understanding enimies.
and bastard teachers.
messy rooms
and messy minds.
counting down the days
til i leave that place.
to go home
where the real people wait.
now that i'm back
and unpacking my things.
realization sets in.
that this is my home,
for 3 months...once again.
and despite everything
wrong with that place.
there are a few things i miss.
I miss you being a text away
dinner at 5?
and a text back. ohkay :].
i miss our long talks
as we are walking out the door.
or the talks in your room.
i miss having class
and sitting next to you.
getting in trouble for talking.
with you yelling at me;
to shut up.
i miss staying up
til who knows when
just hanging out
like good friends do.
i miss your hugs
just when i need them most.
the ones where
you never want to let go.
i miss your smile
to make me smile too.
especially when i am upset
with tears streaming down my face.
i miss every second
of every day
that i spent with you.
even if we fought
over dumb things sometimes
i'd rather fight with you
than not have you at all.
but thats what friends do
to show that they care.
they have little fights,
but are always there.
sitting here looking back
on my college freshman year
thinking what the hell would i do
without making friends like you.

The author's comments:
I just got home from college & in that short amount of time. The friends I made became more like family & I miss you like crazy, my 3 bestest friends to be exact.

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