Skiing and Snow

May 16, 2009
By Alex L BRONZE, San Jose, California
Alex L BRONZE, San Jose, California
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Skiing on
A snow covered slope.
How smooth
The hill appears to be,
A glossy surface yet
Covered with sudden dents.
With no one
Around me,
Silence settles
Down from the sky.
Not a sound is to be heard.
Blue sky, white clouds, green leaves,
Bright snow are all I see.
The wind whistles past,
Shrieking, crying
Like an eagle.
Its talons tear at
My wounded cheeks.
Snow flies
In powdery clouds
Like puffy cotton balls.
I can see
For miles around
A tranquil, frozen
Sea of snow.

I brake
With a jolt,
Bouncing lightly
Up and down.
Snow dashes
Like wispy, white
Streaks of silk.
I stop,
Look back.
Tracks made by me
Like two long, thin strands
Of cotton candy.
As lightly and smoothly
As a feather falls,
I glide forward.
Two columns
March behind.

I zoom
Down the hill
As fast as a rocket.
Under my feet,
Crisp ice crunches.
While I whizz by,
Scenery blurs
Like a spinning top.
Admire the few pines,
Their boughs wrapped
In a blanket
Of green leaves and snow.
Sparkling icicles cling
To crooked branches,
Raising banners
A lush, dark green
With white lions
Imprinted upon.

Ice freezes
To my gloves,
Shivers creep
Up my spine.
Teeth chatter,
Hands are numb,
But delight
In my heart
Makes comfort and warmth.
Joy flows in,
Worries flee.
Serenity surrounds
This land
Of ice and snow.
Peace and quiet,
Beauty and fresh air,
Renew my strength
While I ski on
This snow covered slope.

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