In The Land Of If Only

May 19, 2009
By taylerwithan"e" BRONZE, Welling, Oklahoma
taylerwithan"e" BRONZE, Welling, Oklahoma
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In the land of if only,
Your stuck feeling lonely,
It’s filled with thoughts and wonders,
If only I said something to make their day,
Maybe they wouldn’t have acted that way,
If only I saw them,
If only I ran back,
What would have happened?
Would they not have left?
In the land of if only,
Its here and its hoping,
You’ll come and find something to say,
If only I didn’t have to go,
To a place far away,
Not tomorrow,
But today,
On this gloomy day,
It’s waiting to find us, to come and to fight us,
In the land of if only,
Deceptive and distressing,
Looking for a way out,
Of this coma we’re all in,
Needing something to hold on to,
Cling to,
He is the one,
Maker, Savior, and God,
All we need is Him,
No ifs, ands, or buts,
The only way out,
In the land of if only,
Its here and its hoping,
To make you fall away,
From the only one who died that very day,
The only one who’s love is so pure,
The one whose waiting for you to choose,
Life or death,
Your choice, your decision,
It’s a free gift,
In the land of if only,
It’s not lovely or great,
It’s a pit, waiting for your fate.

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