Memory Erased By You:

May 19, 2009
By Megan Schwartz BRONZE, Conway, Arkansas
Megan Schwartz BRONZE, Conway, Arkansas
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I can smile and seem complete, laugh and seem happy but deep down there is a tenderness.
That tenderness that remains deep down makes me weaker than before.
I try not to speak to you but you gather all my interest.
You look at me and know there is no perfection.
I don’t try to make the tides get bigger, I try to force them back but when they fall down, I cannot force them to stop.
I open my palms for you to keep pouring weakness into, trying to fight to stay strong.
Whenever I look at you, I recall that it’s all gone.
All the memory is erased from your head, no more thoughts of me nor sympathy.
It seems you have left some clues on my heart, I’ll have to investigate.
I know I am pretending just to ease the pain but then when I see you all my effort goes to waste.
When you smiled you had my undivided attention and when you laughed, I insisted on to laughing as well.
When you cried I had the urge to hold you even though you were not mine, and awhile back when you said you loved me, my heart kissed me farewell.
But now all those memories are erased, leaving erasing marks on my skin.
Now when you look at me, it’s like those times never exist.
I embrace those thoughts while I don’t believe you memorize, they play like a never-ending movie repeating itself.
I am a bird with broken wings that lies in the grass perking to the shining stars.
When the image of a memory lights in the sky, my wings mend and I begin to fly.
I’m in your marked out category while you’re my only desire.
Memory is all erased by you, and now it’s time for me to struggle to do the same.
Every time I lean down to erase the same repeating memory, hands touch my shoulder.
It’s your face just like a fallen angel.
But finally I bent down, slowly easing the pain while you smile towards me, then that’s where is began I fell in love all over again.

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