Real Dream

May 18, 2009
Stand by me, stand infront of me. Embrace me, step back.
What keeps me up at night? Shows me my sweet tears, regards passing fears.
With my eyes, I feel you.
Sight, touch. To me.. not much.
When I feel you, I see you.
My senses, to me were never much. But to be as such..

A spiral of connected shadows, walking towards each other. They meet. They are gone.
Today I walked alongside them. Tomorrow I will lose them, and find myself.
Stand infront of me, I'll walk into you. But before I do, walk with me.
Life is a beautiful dream. I drown myself in my sleep, my dreams.
Life is a beautiful dream, but I'm affraid to make it mine.

I am tired. My mind, my dreams, are expelling me. Resurfacing me. I want so much to drown in my lovely dreams.
These sweet tears drown me instead. They drown my sorrows.
I'm opening my eyes. I never needed them before. I'm feeling my way out of bed. Out of myself.
But i'm myself.

The dream is life. It is so lovely, so tender, yet our places secure within it.
My feet are on the floor. I've seen it all before. Yet I've felt nothing like it before.
It's real. I love you. Who's to know, with this life. Who's to speak in this life?
Everything is beautiful, because everything will come to an end.
Who are you to know, who are you to think?
Love isn't reason. Love is never lost, and when it is found reason dies.

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