Painful Notes

May 18, 2009
By Erin Grossheim BRONZE, Columbia, Tennessee
Erin Grossheim BRONZE, Columbia, Tennessee
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I thought that I had forgotten you
I could look at you and not care
I'd never cry o'er you again
I was wrong, and now I'm aware

But as I stood there, wrapped in his arms
You were miles away from my mind
Till I heard the first notes of that song
And I found myself in a bind

A mockery before my eyes
My love played out asa joke
As I stood there, forced to watch
The tears within me awoke

They couldn't know what it meant to me
There was no way they could have known
So I watched and tried to look amused
But the agony must have shown

For every time I'd heard that song
I had always thought of you
Now watching all of this unfold
I completely come unglued

Why does it pain me after so long?
Why was I so tempted to run?
You weren't supposed to be on my mind
This was just supposed to be fun

And at last the jest was over
Wrapped in his arms once again
Gripping him tight, blinking back tears
Waaiting for the pain to end

And by the time the night was over
You were miles away from my mind
The word for the night was "amazing"
And once more I was feeling fine

And falling asleep, I was at peace
But when I awake the next day
The pain erupts in me again
And I pretend to be okay

The author's comments:
I was having a blast at prom, but I couldn't get the ex-boyfriend off my brain. What a kill-joy!

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