The Garden

May 19, 2009
By Anonymous

The luscious garden surrounds me
The faint smell of soil rises to my nose
The whispering breeze sends shivers down my whole body
Telling me to relax

The sun peeks in through the trees
A torch lighting the way
And I feel safe
I am not alone
The insects and flowers invite me in

The sounds of the outside world dissolve
Into the serenity of Eve’s garden
Flowers of all colors make me wonder
Aspiring aspens and little stumps right before my eyes

It is all gone
Replaced by construction, roads, statues, concrete

No more sanctuary for peace and quiet
It all disappeared as the dinosaurs did
Wiped out
Fading into the daylight

Where did it go?
I feat what the answer will be
Most-likely not pretty

As I pass what used to be my daily escape
I cringe at what has come of it
The garden is a pit of construction
A waste of beauty

No more
It’s all gone

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