April 25, 2009
By JeremyT BRONZE, Lubbock, Texas
JeremyT BRONZE, Lubbock, Texas
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Nothing can keep us apart
We was friends from the start
We both suffered from broken hearts
Parents divorced, rules enforced
For our own protection
Both seeking denied gratification
Feeling like our place in heaven that was reserved at birth
Was given away and we forgotten, like God forgot us or we weren’t worth fightin’
But we found our peace in sleep and slumber, nothing else could get us under
The weather; we met each other and things just sparked
We both laughed ‘cuz we both had the heart to push on
We both were strong and nobody but God can tell us that we were wrong
We both realized that at times life gets hard
Like You Won’t Go Far
And You Keep Swinging
But Keep Hitting Just Under Par;
So You Keep Pushing, Keep Going, Keep Moving Along
Till Nobody But God Can Tell You That Your Wrong
I guess this is why I loved you, and you loved me,
My dearest friend, K.N.D

The author's comments:
Its a poem about my friend KND (Her initials). I'll write a part 2 (theres plenty of inspiration with what we have been through) and possibly a part 3 if people REALLY like it and want to know more about what we have been through. Enjoy!

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