Falling In Love With You

May 14, 2009
By Caroline McNulty BRONZE, North Barrington, Illinois
Caroline McNulty BRONZE, North Barrington, Illinois
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Like the tones of deep, harmonious church bells on Sunday,
Your voice echoes as you call my name.

Like branches of willow trees swirling slowly along a pond’s surface,
Your fingers gently caress my arm when I am upset.

Like the bright sun of a new morning streaming through my window,
Your smile makes any pain I am feeling disappear.

Like a shimmering full moon floating on a river after nightfall,
Your eyes sparkle as you tell me jokes.

Like the gigantic, old oak in my grandfather’s backyard,
You have the strength to keep composure after the most difficult storms.

Like the most protective jeweler and his exquisite wares,
You make me feel safe and beautiful.

Like the long legs of a ballerina in a snow white tutu leaping across the stage,
Your kiss every evening sets off fireworks throughout my body.

Like watching seagulls spread their wings and glide across a sandy beach,
I am mesmerized by looking at you and every move you make.

Like a fisherman in a rowboat taking chances with his bait,
I always believe that you will have faith in me even after an unlucky day.

I am falling in love with you.

The author's comments:
This poem was written about about how amazing it feels to be in love. My first real love inspired me to write this poem.

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