May 14, 2009
Imagine a caged bird,
Miserable and alone,
Entirely dependent and incarcerated
Singing desperately to avoid losing the one thing it has:
This bird,
Forgotten and repressed
Longs to spread its wings and fly away,
This bird
Desires freedom, sovereignty, and a voice to be heard.
Now watch the eagle soar;
Maybe the most unrestrained resident of our planet.
Visualize its exhilaration, its ecstasy, its euphoria
Of being completely and utterly independent,
Free from the confines of its self-appointed superiors,
Emancipated from the injustice of being caged, restricted, silenced
This bird
Desires nothing more because freedom is all it needs
This bird,
Satisfied and content,
Sings a tune of victory and acclomplishment.

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