Against The Screaming Wind

May 14, 2009
By Gena McMahon GOLD, Rochester, New York
Gena McMahon GOLD, Rochester, New York
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Standing by a forward mirror, that separate image takes me in. Don’t let go, no one knows….

As you step back; fight back, move forward against the screaming wind! Hold on; stay strong as the screaming shall take you in.

Hold your ears and shut your eyes while the spirit concocts a wild surprise. Don’t watch now, eyes feel weary. As you, fall back; lean forward, against your fears within! Heart faint, restrained…against the fire within.

Know now, fall down, resurrection came at a price. Too late, these sins have already gone! No more, what for? My life is slowing down, creeping at my soul.

Slowly, .silently…….fall down…Against the screaming winds!

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