May 14, 2009
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Epiphany, that's what it was
lightning made everything all too clear
thunder shook up my already jumbled world
when you slipped my glass slipper onto my foot
and gently stroked the curves of my rapidly beating heart

all the words I ever knew
disappeared within the white fog
you created in my mind
then all the life around us
became an unnoticeable mist

you unlocked all the feelings I had denied
and just like a flood
I was drowned
Yet, I wasn’t gasping for air

at that second imperfection was in the past
because you took me exactly as I am

and I dove into your soul and saw
the real you
it was simply perfection at its best

now you're saddling up your white horse
and I'm stuck looking at you
my fairytale is ending
and the worst part is it just begun

my heart isn't broken it's only scratched
and it's bleeding
but the hands of time will stitch it back

now I'm back in my reality
done with the prince charmings
only the glint off the jewels
on a crown of a king

will catch the eyes of this queen

this was all brought on by an epiphany

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