My Blues

May 14, 2009
By Anonymous

Chorus: Happy Happy New Year!

Lonely Lonely New Year!

Oh! I got the lonely blues…

Give me the revelry, or leave me alone!

The city which I lived never snows.
But there is infinity of cold in my memory
The peak season of yearn for blows over the sumptuous neon streets
Expel the happiness far far away

The solitary lovers afraid of celebrating festivals
Only celebrate by themselves, trying to be drunken
The girls I loved there is no one accompanying me
My loneliness accompanies me the whole night

My devoted hope don’t know for whom?
Writing a card, but without address
My heart shattered as if pieces of paper in trash can
Who will go along with me this New Year Eve?

Do not answer the phone! Don’t let people know that I closed myself in the room all night.
The entranced laughter as if the music of condolence for me
The tears beside eye sockets, my heart frozen
Watching the boring TV shows, becomes the plants of unconsciousness

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