A Cross Country Runner

May 14, 2009
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The runner
Holy crap, only half way done?
Geez, I’m breathin’ really hard.
Whew, I gotta slow down.
No, doin’ good, almost done, keep goin’.
God help me.

Mom of the runner
C’mon babe!
Get that shrimp in front of you!
She wants to give up- pass her, pass her!
Woo-hoo, that’s my girl!
Now go get the next one…!

Another runner
I swear. If that mom says one more thing, I’m gonna…
Ok, stop. Forget about her- focus.
Just reel in the girl- reel her in.
Dang, she’s goin’ freakin’ fast.

A teenage girl bystander
Oh my gosh, look how skinny that girl is.
Ew, she’s probably anorexic.
Wow, her shorts are REALLY short.
Man, I wish I could do that…

The tennis shoes
She’s running again?
Dang- what has she been eatin’?!
She feels wayy heavier than last week.
I mean, if she keeps putting this much mileage on me,
I’m giving her a blister.

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