Blood Moon

May 15, 2009
By trudy gordon BRONZE, Vergennes, Vermont
trudy gordon BRONZE, Vergennes, Vermont
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When ever there is a blood moon something inside me comes out
Something you wouldn’t know anything about
Something that has lied dormant for very long
Something that is very big and very strong

This creature inside me changes me
And it is very mean and over powers me
I love the feeling of being so strong
But I don’t have any control and something may go wrong

I could end up seriously hurting you
Or maybe even killing you
I never know what might go wrong
Just because this creature is very strong

It sucks not being able to know
And when it comes out it won’t be a show
Because this creature hasn’t killed in very long
And because I’m so weak and he’s so strong

This only happens when the blood moon comes out
And it’s something I don’t know too much about
So when you’re around me be very careful
Because this creature is very strong and very vengeful

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