The Road Less Traveled

May 14, 2009
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The road less traveled is a very rocky one
There are no paved roads
No signs to tell you where you are
Or where you’re going

The road less traveled is a lonely one
It’s just you and the ear shattering silence of your shoes;
Crunching against the earth
It’s you, and only you

The road less traveled is proven to be difficult
You must learn to make your own paths
Your own way
You don’t have anyone to lead you out if you lost your way

The road less traveled is a duplicate of High School.
You start your journey on your first day as a freshman
You go through the times of being picked by the upperclassmen,
The four different homecoming games
Numerous dances
And Prom.
And finally when you’ve finished your journey
And you get that diploma,
You realize that the road less traveled was the right way to go.

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