You Saved Me

May 13, 2009
By skailarmikhale BRONZE, Clancy, Montana
skailarmikhale BRONZE, Clancy, Montana
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Favorite Quote:
"The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and all science. He to whom this emotion is a stranger, who can no longer pause to wonder and stand rapt in awe, is as good as dead: his eyes are closed"

The darkness was shifting
I could feel it around me
But you bravely fought it back for me
Then you disappeared

I looked desperately for you
But you were no where in sight
I didn’t dare enter the darkness
I knew few escaped

The weak were taken
So were the strong
But only the lucky
Could get themselves out

I yelled for you
Telling you to find me
I wanted to help get you out
But I knew I couldn’t

I was no where near strong
I was certainly weak
I knew a would never survive
I would be trapped forever

But you had a chance
You were strong
Your momma raised you right
You could make it

Mother had told me it was awful
To be in such a terrible place
I wanted to help you
I wanted to get you out

I wished I could save you
I knew I had to help
If only there was something I could do
I needed a way to help save you
An idea popped into my head
Oh it was dark and evil
But did I really have a choice other than
Self sacrifice

I knew I had no choice
That there was only one thing to do
So I held my breathe and dove into the dark
As you broke free

The darkness swirled around me
Laughing sinisterly
As it engulfs me
And my soul disappears

There is no escape
No way out of this torture
The darkness taunts me with your face
For when I become used to the dark, your face is all I see

I need you to be there next to me
Holding me, my hand in yours
My heart close to yours
Looking into each others soul

I remember those far away moments
They flash in and out of my head
The tender moments
When I knew that I needed you

My soul was your soul
On the same wave length
But your part of my soul was stronger
It could fight the darkness

As my soul withered away
I just needed to say “I love you”
And have you gently kiss my cheek
And say you loved me too

My soul was not strong
It was holding your down
Was saying “Just let go”
But you fought for me

You wouldn’t let me go
You kept holding on
Told me to stay strong
And forget all the pain

You told me there was not much left
That the darkness was almost gone
You told me that I was being strong
The darkness would not last long

I know you were saying that to help me
To help me overcome the pain
Knowing the harder I fought
The easier it would get

Though through everything you said
Everything you did
Everything that you helped me with
I was still sinking

I felt as though I were drowning
Like there was no end
Like the fire had just started
And I was getting closer

Closer to the point breaking
Closer to letting go
But your voice told me to keep going
It told me to ever give in

But as your voice slowly faded
Faded into the black air
I was hit with a memory
Of the times before I fell

The most magical of moments
The best times
The moments when everything melted
When I hear you voice

Everything was growing fainter
The moments becoming blurry
The second ticking by
Every minute seemed like it was the end

Every second was torture
Not being able to open my eyes
To answer you back all the times you called
Every time you said my name so sweetly

I was holding on to you
Knowing my life was at stake
Knowing the second I let go was the second
That my life was going to end

I fought a little harder
A little harder
A little harder
It was starting to come back

The moments I held your hand
The moments you held me close
The moments you whispered my name
Before giving me a kiss goodbye

Everything was coming back stronger
All the details filling in
All the memories
Of every time I saw you

Your voice came like the crack of lightning
Echoing through my mind
I fought to keep it there
But slowly it disappeared

Your voice, your touch
It was all fading away
Felt myself slipping
All that was left was your smile

You leaned in and touched your lips to my face
So lightly kissing my forehead
Before letting go
And saying you were sorry

I cried out for you not to go
But you just kept fading
I felt like I should give up now for if I didn’t have him
I didn’t have anything

If I didn’t have him
There was no point
The darkness suddenly made sense
That by losing myself, I was losing you

I forced myself to try
Even harder that I had before
Bring myself to the surface
Hearing your breath

It was like pushing against glass
I saw what was on the other side
But I was just too small to reach it
I saw what I couldn’t have

I was choking
There was no air left to breathe
I remember taking you for granted
Now wishing I could feel you again

Suddenly the glass shattered
I could breathe again
When you reached in
And saved me

The author's comments:
I was inspired deeply by my friends and boyfriend. I wrote this poem for my CA class but decided that it was too good to et the chance pass to publish it. I wrote it after two others i was going to turn in but then wrote this one at 10:30. I hope you all like it!

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