May 13, 2009
By UniquleyAdorable GOLD, Woodstock, Georgia
UniquleyAdorable GOLD, Woodstock, Georgia
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There is nothing like returning to a place that remains unchanged to see the ways in which you yourself have altered.- nelson mandela

What is love
Is it a feeling
And emotion, duty, request, or favor
Laying here each sleepless night waiting for love
To be loved for whom I am
Disappointments haunt the past
Things that meant something means nothing
But a broken heart and a tear stained pillow case
When will I find love
When will it find me
What is love
Does anyone know
Is it deception
A kiss or a sense of knowing
Friendship strengthened or strangers locking eyes
I want to feel loved
No crying anymore the pain is too great
A desire burning inside to feel cherished and protected
A desire to wake up and fall asleep in a lover’s arms
Is it too much to ask
For one true love to find another
Fearing that true love is nothing but another fairytale created from dreams of what could be and those of what have been
What is love
Can someone say or shall I wait till my dying day

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