When You Know Dreams Are Just Dreams

May 13, 2009
By Anonymous

The scent of flowers in the air clears your breathing.

It also clears your throat as you’re inhaling and exhaling.

But in reality, you are just imagining the scent of flowers to get

away from your stinky laundry from few months ago.

Walking in a colorful garden, numerous flowers are everywhere

around you.

But in reality, you are surrounded by piles of clothes and trash.

Laying down on the soft, comfy, green grass and feeling


In reality, you’re laying on top of your homework papers that you

didn’t turn in the last couple months.

Your brain is exhausted

Your legs are numb

Your arms are sore

Every part of body has turned down and is falling sleep.

Suddenly your eyes grow heavier and you close your eyes.

The only thing want to do is rest.

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