May 13, 2009
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I know now
that I have been,
always been
alone ...

I laugh at
my former faith
in the saying
"Friends are forever."
as I trudge
through this
desert of a life,
friends and companions
seem to be hands
Materializing out of nothingness...
their sole purpose
being to offer me
a small cup of water,
a bit of shade,
and a smattering of
physical contact,
letting me know
that though,
I walk alone
others do exist
laughter usually
denotes happiness,
or joy

I laugh because
there are too many things
To cry about...
I cease my
cackling for a
moment because
a thought, too vivid
for emotion
comes to mind
billions of people
on this planet
and yet
I tread
through this weary
alone ...

I lick the tears
from my lips
as I laugh

And alone...

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