the stars

May 13, 2009
By marissa GOLD, New Castle, Pennsylvania
marissa GOLD, New Castle, Pennsylvania
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in the night i look up at the stars wondering where you are and if your looking at them too. every star reminds me of every good time we had together, and everytime i see the crescent moon it reminds me of that big smile of yours. its so wonderful how much the sky reads. as the wind blows and the fresh air surrounds me, i can feel your presence. everytime the wind blows i stop and take the time to look up and remember you. it seems like just yesterday when i seen your face, laughing, and talking with that deep voice of yours,coming home to me and telling me that all you want to do is be with me and you love me. it doesnt make me sad knowing that your happy and okay and most of all thinking of me, but it does make me sad in away because soon those memories will fade and i will be wishing you never left and that you were still here with me.

The author's comments:
this is about a women who was living a happy life and she loved her boyfriend and something tragic happened and he passed away.

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