Have you ever

May 13, 2009
By Anonymous

Have you ever gotten one phone call
you know would change your life forever
and at the sound of the ring
your heart and mind take flight
then you pick it up
and the voice on the other line
so familiar it doesnt cross your mind
that they're about to break your heart
by a few words
your life falls apart
to tell you that she's leaving
going far away
she can't stand the pain anymore
but truly wishes she could stay
says she has to leave you
but promises you will be with her soon
as the tears fill your eyes
and your heart falls apart
you clear your throat
before the final depart
" what about me?"
you want to ask
but the words won't come
your body feels like glass
she says she's sorry
as she sobs on the other end
whether or not you forgive her
well that all depends
as she apologizes one last time
your heart and life falls to pieces
and the tears quickly fall
she tells you that she loves you
and soon she will call
you whisper '' i love you too''
and let the phone fall
you sit on the floor
and pull your knees to your chest
and go through the memories
when life was at its best
Have you ever gotten that phone call
that HAS changed your life forever?!

The author's comments:
i wrote this poem right after my parents seperated. it was really hard. so for all you out there who have been through the same you are NOT alone. believe me alot of have felt that pain.

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