Showers and Storms

May 13, 2009
By J.B. Will0ughby BRONZE, Winchester, Idaho
J.B. Will0ughby BRONZE, Winchester, Idaho
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Dawn moistens the Earth around the Koi Pond.
The cherry blossoms twist and turn,
And the lily pads move slowly on the water.

The sky starts to get gloomy and dark before it’s supposed to,
And the serene park becomes damp and fearful.
All the birds suddenly become quiet.

The rain starts falling in a sprinkle then suddenly turns into a downpour
The moan of the wind spills worry to the plants and the animals.
The once full park is deserted and loud.

The branches are in the pond and the lily pads are on the grass,
The birds start rebuilding their homes with all the debris.
The sky begins to brighten.
All is at peace.

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