Im feeling it

May 12, 2009
By Devron Dugan BRONZE, Central Falls, Rhode Island
Devron Dugan BRONZE, Central Falls, Rhode Island
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I keep to myself no one in my path no one like help
Because I got this journey as solo artist music so underground I call it silent
I introduce myself as sequent towards these other fake rappers
Pain in within me because they all biter’s on this untouchable swag they aint heard of
Im so high sky high above girl so beautiful to me she like a Mourning Dove
She represents it as peace mind so deceased I said all eyes on me
She said im so attractive she attracted to me always telling
Me no one can be me only god can judge me her mind on
This point where I cant get a hold of it so I just listen
Inside music is where this life of struggle
Happens to lose it
Brought back from what was used to be
I’m here for you to see
Patiently arriving on this next phase
On this next level just turn to the page
Feel the raise of my hand reaching that sunlight
Of the shadow.. I’m glad though even though
See you got a swag that I aint had
So you got my mind feeling so glad
And this aint out the ordinary because
You a blessing but trust me girl I wouldn't
Mind having you for only one second
To me of course you so pleasant

The author's comments:
When I was siting down thinking about my music that I write and the girl who I think I was in love with, this thought hit me and I had to express what I felt.

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