May 12, 2009
By sramosgh91 BRONZE, Carle Place, New York
sramosgh91 BRONZE, Carle Place, New York
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I wondered as I lay there
staring at the cold harsh ground
I stared and it stared
back at me; unfeeling, unashamed

I wondered as I sat up
and slowly turned around
I turned and they turned, too
away from me; unpleading, unguilty
I wondered as I looked
at their faces, mouths turned down
I looked and they looked
back at me; unforgiving, unforgetful

I wondered as I sat there
glancing at that stolen thing I'd found
I glanced and it glanced, too
back up at me; unaffected, unjudging

I wondered and I paused listening
to the dark woods and their ominous sound
I listened and they listened, too
listened to me; unflinching, unwary
I wondered as I heard a growl
menacing, quite profound
I heard and they heard
a frightened wimper; unintimidated, unshocked
I wondered as I moved
quietly my heart beginning to frantically pound
I moved and they moved
bloodthirsty eyes on me; uncontrollable, untame
I wondered as I ran
from their glistening fangs, a menacing crown
I ran and they ran raster
nostrils flaring; untiring, unafraid
I wondered as I fought
this could be the final round
I fought and they fought back
with claws like fire; unweakened, unhurt
I wondered as I screamed
before my eyes my life unwound
I screamed and they screamed, too
Their yellow eyes bright with victory; undamaged, unregretful
I wondered as I reached
searching for my only hope, a chance to rebound
I reached and they reached, too
with fierce growls; unsure, unready
I wondered as I lunged
the silver blade winked in the moonlight and they stood spellbound
I lunged and they ran
ran away from my shimmering savior; unarmed, unsafe
wondered as I ran once again
toward the house my strength newfound
I ran and they ran toward me
arms wide; unaware, unfortunate
I wondered as I cheered
all was forgiven the victor was crowned
because as I cheered they cheered; unpredicted, unprotected
I wondered as I departed
clutching my ally; homeward bound
as I departed so did they
for their stone markers; unmoving, unalive.

The author's comments:
I don't know if this is the polished complete poem, it seems like I might need some help with this one...

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