Monochromatic World

May 12, 2009
By Tori Armendariz BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
Tori Armendariz BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
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I learned that modern individuality,
Is no more than just a word,
We say, “I am the only me,”
Then label ourselves; it’s absurd,
“I call myself an emo,”
“I call myself a geek,”
When a person is an individual,
That person is called a freak,
Any time someone falls into a label,
That person becomes a clone,
Any time someone falls into a label,
Their individuality is blown,
When teenagers feel the pressure,
To become just like their friends,
They cave because they are afraid,
Their friendships all will end,
Individuals are far and few,
And it really is a shame,
Because in the world today,
Everyone seems to be the same.

The author's comments:
This was written as a reflection. I looked at the people surrounding me and I realized the absolute lack of individuality. It was not that everyone was exactly the same, it was just that they hid their unique features in fear of not being accepted. That is why I ended the poem with the words, "Everyone seems to be the same." People are not the same, they just make it look like they are.

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