we're living life

May 12, 2009
By Anonymous

we're living life
one day at a time

we get up each morning
we go through the motions
we brush our teeth and comb our hair
but it doesn't quite matter

we eat our breakfast
we go to work to earn our pay
we make the train home on time
we rinse and repeat for the rest of the week

and in the days when we carry on monotony
there are variations and anomalies
the people we meet and see and hear
but they might not even matter

people come and people go
where they come from and where they go
no one knows
but it doesn't quite matter

they have their lives
which definitely matters to them
but to us it may make no difference
what they do to live their lives

we're living life
one day at a time
no one said it would be easy
no one said there'd be handouts

we'll struggle and we'll hurt
of this there is no doubt
and we'll make it through
but it doesn't quite matter

and our families will support us
watch us grow and learn and become what we'll be
they'll see what the world can't
that we're larger than life

this is the life we're living
we live it a day at a time
it's not easy and there aren't handouts
but that's not what matters.

our lives are tragic comedies
a little mix of both
but we live them all the same
we overcome and see another day

we lose the ones we love
one way or another
and we may never see them again
but that's what matters

what matters is the here and now
and the people in it with us
because they'll come and they'll go
but some will stay forever

they'll live on in our hearts
whether they're lost to the world or not
they'll know they were loved
and this is what matters

we're living our lives
one day at a time
and that is what matters:
that we're living our lives

The author's comments:
What inspired this piece was a tragic bit of information relayed to me by a friend. He told me, "Tonight may have been the last time I will see my mother". I hope you will see that it is not necessarily about how we live our own lives, but who we live them with, and how we spend and remember our time with them.

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