Is This Real or a Nightmare??

May 11, 2009
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I was tormented;
distracted yet distressed,
as great difficulty took over my body and soul.

Great difficulty indeed
as flying mooses
streamed in the immense open sky.
The immense open sky
where baby corpses
killed crazy flying-carpet monkeys.

However one baby corpse
looked like my adorable baby brother.
My baby brother who I thought was alive.
But then on one hand maybe he was alive
while I lingered relentlessly;
dead and ghostly.

Of course on the other hand
my baby brother could be dead
while I was alive
in some form and mean.

Still on one foot I don’t remember my brother even dying
or remember my brother as a human.
Now sure maybe he looked like a human
but probably was an alien or dog in disguise.

Then in another dimension
maybe my brother was the one-eyed chicken
that lingered in my dreams.
The ugly one-eyed chicken
that turned into the handsome guy
I kissed in my dreams.

AAAAHHH those wonderful dreams;
his tall, dark, handsome appearance oh so lovely
and his words oh so kind
to make my heart turn into melted butter.

Unfortunately, my dream guy was dead;
shot by a mafia pig’s bazooka
whose name was the Godfather.
The Godfather;
Whose job was to destroy people
like my uncle
when he collided with a car made out of rice.

Stupid Rice;
that danced luxuriously in my dreams,
created mischief and chaos,
blamed me for the death of King Donkey the Donkey
and had three major kings named id, ego and super-ego
who created all the people on earth and worked with the Godfather
using their godlike qualities.

However in the end I would never be a god.
How could I when I was tormented;
distracted yet distressed,
as great difficulty took over my body and soul
when life yearned on miserably
as I died
in the hands of the devil never to be seen again.

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