The Reason

May 11, 2009
By Smartygirl625 PLATINUM, El Paso, Texas
Smartygirl625 PLATINUM, El Paso, Texas
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I sit in the dark, staring out into the rain

I did this i along time of go, when things had begun to change

I hate the sobs that come from my chest

I hate the crying for it wont come to rest

A long time ago, I was happy with things as they were

I guess those things are now a memory, a distant blur

I questioned myself for a long time

And hurt a lot of my friends

I guess i sort of became a mime

Lost in a ring of pain that never ends

My head was full of blame

For what had become

My heart was full of shame

For the things that could not be undone

But I guess i saw the reasoning

And decided to leave things in the past

No I'm not leaving my friends who left me

I'm accepting their choices and realizing that we're still as close as can be

The only difference now, is that i have new friends too

And I love them a lot because they help me not feel blue

I dont regret not leaving them

I'm actually happy for the change

Because if i had left them

Things would not be this way

I have new friends

And a special someone too

I have a lot a fun

And there is only one thing left to do

Things always change for a reason

Good things go bad so that better things can come onto our lives

So take the changes and heed them

Because you can make the choice: Is the reason for them good, or just some other things that stabs you heart with some knives?

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