May 11, 2009
By Louisa Munk Wells BRONZE, Temple, New Hampshire
Louisa Munk Wells BRONZE, Temple, New Hampshire
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In this mountaintop city
Where the sky seems to rise,
And the air of the trees
Is so knowing and wise,

Ontop of each other
Entwined in their lives,
They all live together
Like bees in a hive.

The streets seem to crawl
Like ants up a hill,
And the buildings surround
With a deafening chill.

In the painful years past
When the screams were heard,
Compassion took flight
And abandoned God’s word.

The smoke swirled up in a rapture of fear,
And begged for safety in the open sky,
While thousands fell to the welcoming ground,
And no one even felt them die.

Now here it stands,
Lasting through time.
But to see the hidden beauty,
You must wash away the grime.

The author's comments:
I wrote this poem while I was volunteering in Beirut, Lebanon. This city inspired me to write this poem because I could feel its painful past in the atmosphere everywhere i went.

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