You and Me

May 11, 2009
By Kim Foss BRONZE, Parker, Colorado
Kim Foss BRONZE, Parker, Colorado
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There you were glaring,
Your eyes blood red and the smell of alcohol consumed you.
I looked away,
I wasn’t able to take the pain.
You looked away as if I had scared you,
Your face was brittle and weak.
Unable to speak I slowly walked forward hoping,
Hoping to hold you in my arms and tell you that it was going to be all right.
You also slowly walked forward.
I couldn’t help to notice the tears rolling down your cheek,
Taking another step forward I extended my arms out to you,
You did the same.
Taking another step I thought about how you must be feeling,
How your life was wasting away from beneath you.
Taking another step I was close to you,
But I didn’t put down my arms,
And neither did you.
I took one more step,
My hand hit a wall,
And so did yours.
Blinking unaware until I realized what the wall was,
A reminder of what I am,
A reminder of where I was,
I thought it over slowly,
You are me I said out loud.

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