May 11, 2009
By Gregory Jones BRONZE, Pleasant Grove, Utah
Gregory Jones BRONZE, Pleasant Grove, Utah
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Lose balance, and for a split second
Staying in the conscience of your mind
Pondering: falling hoping someone is there to catch you
Until a warm breeze lifts you
Wings flap instinctively
With every stroke
Rising higher and higher
To new heights of soaring
Flying with the eagle
A messenger to those above-
To keep us safe
To make it possible to live
In our niche

No one can tame your speed
But when your territory is threatened
You protect it with all your might
So future generations can experience

Coming closer to the sun
Your wings start melting

In the end, it’s up to you
Flapping, catching to recover balance
Falling, falling
‘Til finally you’re caught by the eagle
Returned to safe shores
Hearing the ocean crack against the sand,
Birds fall silent,
Noticing the sun is down to start the night

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