Is It Real

May 11, 2009
By chehaila Smith BRONZE, Pompano Beach, Florida
chehaila Smith BRONZE, Pompano Beach, Florida
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Have you ever sat and let your mind wonder is it real.Is this world that we are living in today real.Is it real the way we speak and act toward each other.Or are we just putting up a front to hide the real way we see ourselves.But then I stop and Wonder about the people around me.Is it really there true self they are showing or is it just a act put on to amuse themselves.Is it real love I am feeling or is it real happiness in a sign of hope for something better entering my life.Is it really time for all the painful secrets of my past to come forth.Is it really the time for my secrets of my present to wait.Is is real in my mind that I am a important someone.Is it real enough for me to touch,or is it as real as catching smoke with ur bare hands.Everyday I sit and wonder is it real and now i have come to realize nothing can be real no matter how much i pray wish or hope I can never be real.So now whats the point of asking is it real but what I need to be asking is when can anything ever become real......(8.27.08)

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