May 10, 2009
By Audrey Borsick BRONZE, Parker, Colorado
Audrey Borsick BRONZE, Parker, Colorado
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Swinging back and forth in my diaper, playing
My guardian stretched across the porch alert, attentive, and never straying
Ready for any danger, a threat, a skinned knee
Never letting anything make me unhappy
We grew up together and the same protectiveness showed through
The bond only stronger between me and you
At my side, you always were
The times I lay sick, you were my only cure
Laying in my bed, cuddling with me, consoling
Bringing a smile to my face those brown eyes so beholding, gentle, kind and knowing
As I grew up you grew old
No one ever could have told
The blood in the snow was my realization
Tumors, lumps and cists an altercation
For us, no more play time
For me time to shine
I took care of you, laid in your bed
In my lap gently rested your head
We couldn’t let you suffer any longer, the pain
But Spike, those big brown eyes will always remain the same
A house call, a shot, you hated the vet, to send you we could not
The memory of that place would not be your last
Your bed where we laid, by the fire, where warm light was cast
The man with the kind hands and mighty arms
He is here to help not harm
Those big sad eyes bore into mine
They closed forever this would be the last time
Go get something to wrap him up, to keep him warm
Came the pained, forced whisper Mom’s heart so torn
My most prized possession, a pink checkered blanket all mine
Yours now Spike the heavenly place you shall find
The white picket fence in the orchard in the summer surrounded by blossoms and green grass
You will always be remembered never the past
Your memorial, your grave
And God will save, do not be afraid
I love you Spike rest in peace

The author's comments:
I wrote this poem about an amazing dog that our family had growing up, if you can't tell, he was very important to our family. He really is burried at our house in the orchard with a white picket fence around him.

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