He Said He Loved Her But He'll Never See Her Cry

May 9, 2009
She sees a tall, muscular jock
A heart of gold
And little inside jokes
Flowers, chocolate, and teddys galore

She doesn't see what I see
Or hear what I hear
I see controlling eyes
Marking their territory
I see muscles tensing
With every guy's glance
I hear warnings
Ex girlfriends whipers
I see passed notes
All with the same message:
"Tell her to be careful"
"He's dangerous"
I tell her

"But he loves me!"
She cries over and oveer

He'll never see those tears.

She calls up crying
Their first big fight
"He's right!"
I've Gained a few pounds
I'm nothing more
Than an ugly cow!
I shouldn't have been talking to Neil

She's wrong
She's petite
With the body of a dancer
Neil's her best friend
More like her brother
He's crazy
I tell her that
He's out of control
It needs to stop!

"But he loves me!"
Tears roll down her cheeks

He doesn't
But i can't tell her that
Someone's got to wipe her tears
God knows he won't
Because he'll never see her cry

A black eye
A fat lip
She'll never admit it
I know what he did
Helost his temper

She lies
"I fell"
She says innocently
Her tearstained eyes
Tell a different story
"He loves me" she says time and time again

But I know the truth
And he'll never see her cry

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SilverDawn said...
Jun. 20, 2009 at 4:34 pm
oh my god. that is now one of my most favourite poems ever. i love the wording, the story, the sadness and desperation leaking through, and the signifigance of that last line. i love, love, love it ! (:
writing4change replied...
Oct. 21, 2009 at 9:15 am
thank you so much!!
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