May 9, 2009
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We dance to the sound
Of your beating drum.
We gather around
When called to come.
We spit at your name
And laugh in your face,
Yet follow your game
And echo your pace.

We howl to your calling,
Shout to the skies,
And yet we are falling,
Drowning in lies.
We bestow you in
Others, young and free,
Then relish your sin
In the torture we see.

You’ve beaten us all
At some point and time–
You’ve caused our downfall
As we wait in line
For our turn to be
At your receiving end,
Then pass you to see
Who is no longer friend.

You circle, you turn
Around and about;
Our souls you burn
As we painfully shout.
You twist your dark hands
Around our throats
Choking us until
You are remote.

You blossom and flower,
Your gaze piercing still,
Looking for power
Within our weak will.
You grab at our hearts,
You spill in our souls,
Engaging your part,
Enacting your role.
You’re part of so many,
Yet control so few–
A mystery to me
How you do what you do:
Corrupting minds,
Killing the masses,
Hatred, don’t you find
Your reign always passes?

Hatred, you spread like
Sparks to a fire.
We are destined to fight
As you grow higher–
We will fight you,
And you we will quell,
Diminish you too,
Until you can tell
That this ongoing fight
Will turn you away;
You’ll take flight,
Leaving peaceful days.

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