cocooned inside.

May 8, 2009
By Curtis Romig BRONZE, Holly Springs, North Carolina
Curtis Romig BRONZE, Holly Springs, North Carolina
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i was a catapillar still making its cocoon.

from birth to not to long ago.
but it took events from then to hide finish the cocoon,

i was trapped and not know what was to happen,
was i to live thru the transformation or not?

not knowing what was to happen next
but i finally opened my eyes to the light,

like arrows from heaven piercing my heart.

but what have i opened my eyes to?

what is this light?

life. being happy.

not having a care in the world.
to just make me happy, then worry about everyone else.

not have this mask everyone wants me to have.
remembering what i did and how i am now.

how i got here.
but not to let it get the best of me.

i have these wings now.
no longer restricted my the prison i made myself.

ive taken it off and i am now free.

but i need time,

i need to learn to fly with these fragile wings,
these wings that have given me hope,

a chance, and a new start.

i cannot go back into that cocoon,

nature will not let me.
i do not want to go back into it,

i am content where i am.
but i do not need to hide anymore,

i am with the ones of my kind.
the kind that have will help me learn to use this new start,

and make it the best life it can be.

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