i am drowing
i can not reach the surface.
i see nothing,
but darkness surrounding me.
the more i try
to struggle and fight
the more the current drags me back.
there is no up or down-
just the nothingness that surrounds me,
no matter where i turn.
i swam to far,
now I'm in to deep,
to far under-
no one can hear me-
I'm running out of air-
the seconds tick by-
i can not think,
i can not breath
i only feel numb.
my limbs are growing to tired
to fight this monstrous tide,
and i know longer see any reason to try
my lat breath will soon escape me
stealing my life away

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mojo said...
Jul. 22, 2009 at 9:52 pm
OMG i love this poem!! this is so good! I wish I could write something as good as that! It describes my life pretty well too!
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