Never Again

May 8, 2009
By Jessica Lee BRONZE, Pawcatuck, Connecticut
Jessica Lee BRONZE, Pawcatuck, Connecticut
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Nobody could ever forget
The incident
Nothing was just
“An accident”

Millions were killed,
Few have survived,
But nobody apologized

And how can we,
Only blame the Nazi’s?
Are just as bad.
We never tried
To save the Jews

Was just a complaint
Like how we are,
In situations

It’s like we’re immersed
In a pool filled with
Pain and guilt

We’re suppose to be land of the free,
Letting people of any kind,
Regardless of nationality,
But yet, we had rejected the Jewish
We wanted no part

We say what we want,
Not knowing
Their self-esteem is lowered

Pride and dignity,
Many dehumanized
Jews walked like ghosts
The essence of their humanity
no longer there

Jews didn’t bother
To fight back
When shaving the beards,
No longer had strength
To defend themselves

The victims have nothing left in them
They feel as though they are not part of anything,
That they don’t even deserve to live on this planet,
When all was false statements.
Has a reason for living on this planet

You look back
Jews doing meaningless jobs.
Only for a few measly laughs
Cleaning the streets,
With nothing but toothbrushes
Blocked to separate
And people watching them.

Millions died,
Only few had survived
One word,

Only hope
Was still in them
Each day was a difficulty
We think nothing could get worse for them
But yet, somehow,
It always does.

Now let’s just hope,
That next time,
When we’re in desperate times,
We won’t play the blame game,
And just blame the first thing that comes to mind.
We know the things that follow that one blame.

Millions have died,
Few had survived,
But all are remembered
Never again.

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