Decisions Unmade

May 8, 2009
By Kdostie2010 BRONZE, Burnham, Maine
Kdostie2010 BRONZE, Burnham, Maine
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As I lifted my finger,
My spirit began to sing, the song of life
The beautiful voice,
Calmed me of my worries
What do you know that I don’t?
the sweet voice spoke back
I can see the worries in your face
It was the voice I needed
The voice that cared
I had carried something frightening inside me
Something no other could understand
But the voice did,
It understood even more than I had
Life has nothing but worries
Life is nothing but chaos
When I turned 17 the world got crazier
And I lived it less careful
The worries of the world breezed through my hair
And I laughed carelessly at the danger
Until I was scarred with the unforgettable burden
Oh, how the burden wouldn’t let go
But the voice soothed me,
It told me I was going to be okay
That the decisions of life lay in my shaking hands
Don’t worry
Said the voice
I am here for you, it will be okay
The words made it better
It made it disappear
A life was lost,
And part of my spirit was taken away
Such a careless piece died that day
Oh how the sweet spirit sang
Sang so delightful as my eyes began to weep
Oh sweet spirit what has life done to me

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