May 8, 2009
By Taylor Weiss BRONZE, Clarkston, Michigan
Taylor Weiss BRONZE, Clarkston, Michigan
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Follow your own path.
It is infuriating how everyone insists on following the crowd,
and going along with everyone else,
and not being able to understand the phrase: be yourself,
and being too timid and tentative to lead the pack,
and not embracing their true identity.

Discover your identity,
on the strenuous path.
Set the example for the pack.
Ignore the cynical crowd.
Let down your hair and show yourself;
that will set you aside from everybody else.

Be unique and original, unlike everyone else.
Do not hide your identity,
reveal yourself
and you will see that the path
is under your control, and the crowd
will drown in envy and follow your pack.

Step up and guide the pack.
You will discover that everyone else
does not have what it takes to steer clear of the crowd.
They have lost their identity
and are unable to navigate the path.
You can though; you know that the map lies within yourself.

Luckily you are in control of yourself.
You are special; you always stood out from the pack.
You are the one who can choose your own path
and be confident in your identity.
Your pride will be no match for anyone else,
and will truly separate you from the crowd.

Suddenly you will notice that the crowd
was never strong enough to influence yourself.
You found your way without anyone else.
Because of sticking to your identity,
you always had what it takes to inspire that pack
and steer beyond the path.

Continue life by staying true to your identity, uninfluenced by everyone else.
Let the crowd stampede with jealousy and still be yourself.
Break away from the pack whose only destiny lies on a one way path.

The author's comments:
This is following the sestina format.

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