May 8, 2009
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Whenever I smell spring rain
I think of walks around the neighborhood
And the soft feel of his lip against mine
I think of a teenage love that seemed unbreakable
And the ever mysterious eyes of my one true love
I think of long nights on the telephone as the rain gently caressed my bedroom window
And rain covered sunflowers delivered by a dripping wet teenage boy
Random pauses in the middle of the road resulting in a rainy time hug
But this is not my story
My story is of a violent spring storm
Accompanied by a heart breaking fight
The haunting and stinging end to a year and a half of commitment
Hurtful words that were exchanged and cheeks dripping with saline
I remember the sight of his back turned to me
As he walked away
The pulsating feeling in my body as my heart ran away from
The only person who has ever truly cared for me
Whenever I smell spring rain
I think of him

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