Our Time Line

May 6, 2009
By Austin Sorrells BRONZE, Minot, North Dakota
Austin Sorrells BRONZE, Minot, North Dakota
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Our Time Line

Chapter One is Birth

We come into this world innocent and jubilant
We grow and we start to observe how life flows along
We are influenced and develop a temperament
We begin to communicate and sing our first song

Chapter Two is Childhood

We play and are carefree
We develop relationships and make friends
We don’t notice as time washes away like the sea
We start to plan for our future as our education ends

Chapter Three is Adulthood

We have passed many hard and trying times
We know that there are many more to come
We work, love, hate and some commit crimes
We know we aren’t perfect but that’s what makes us fun

Chapter Four is our Ending

We have lived our lives, either good or bad
We have had families, friends, enemies, and have survived the long climb
We can see the end, but we aren’t sad
We now say goodbye, and end our Time Line

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