Sweet Baby Ray

May 6, 2009
By Anonymous

Ba Ba Ba Ba

Men made of meat
On the street
They walk with
Rambling feet

A piece of beef,
A tender braised lamb
A yellow livered chicken,
And a rosy cheeked ham.

Men of meat
Men of meat
In conceit
Seasoned with
The salt of deceit, hey!

That one over there
Is a bit overdone
But instead of an oven
Overcooked in the sun

And see,

He’s tough
He’s stuck to bone
Wrestles everyday
But at night he’s alone

Men of meat
Men of meat
Made- of what they eat
Too proud to taste of
Anything sweet

Men of meat may
Make the girls sigh
But me I prefer my
Banana cream pie!

BadabaBumbumBumbum Bum bum
Da da, dadadadada!

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