May 6, 2009
By brie roberts BRONZE, Amarillo, Texas
brie roberts BRONZE, Amarillo, Texas
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You say you don't like me because i'm different from you
What makes you think i don't think you're different too?
Giving me the cold shoulder just because of my color,
i'm all that i am and there is no other
But then again...who ae you anyway
Even if i had a chance, i wouldn't want to be you anyday
You bust your butt and claim you have knowledge,
But weren't you the same person saying you weren't going to college?
you'e too judgemental to even acknowledge;
That just because i don't walk around with fancy pants suits, doesn't make me less of a person in baby phat jeans and jodan boots
You work had to try to impress
But i work had to be successful and success, i will posess
I'm not gonna stress myself to refesh you mind
Because even with my help,
You'e third eye is blind
Look, why are you so unkind?
I know that my appearance doesn't give you the blues
Can you stop following people and live life by your own views
Stop being so judgemental, pathetic, and unealistic
Because without your help, i have enough to deal with
Because as long as my personality is up to me,
I will always and foever be B-r-i-e
And i will always be happy with me
I'm not mad with how i look
You're mad at how i look
You want to turn me around like a clock
Well what i have, is all i've got
And if i did this and that for you today, tomorow you still wouldn't allow this to be right
It wouldn't matter that fo you I changed my style
All that'll matter is that i'm different so you'll separate us by the mile
Once you caught a glimpse of me you didn't even look at me twice
I never bragged about being no one but me, so that's alright
Don't be mad at me because someone lied to you
The words i put here you will continue to lose
Because you're DIFFERENT from me
And i'm still DIFFERENT from YOU!

The author's comments:
This took a lot of emotional stress to put on paper but i am very dedicated to what i do. I HOPE YOU LIKE IT!!!

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