Broken Walls

May 5, 2009
By Spashleylove BRONZE, Stroud, Oklahoma
Spashleylove BRONZE, Stroud, Oklahoma
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I used to look up to you.
Like the big brother I never had.
You protected me as I grew.
Made me happy when I was sad.

You know me so well it's scary.
Sometimes even better than I know myself.
Your eyes see straight into me so easily.
It's like I've put everything on a display shelf.

We used to fix each others mistakes,
With out even batting an eye.
One look is all it ever takes.
We never even asked why.

Only now we don't have a solution;
Our lives are simultaneously falling apart.
Wordless actions committed out of confusion,
Too bad she was just playing with your heart!

When I finally took the time to sit,
Ready to give you the look.
Your face beat me to it,
And that was all it took.

I'm trying to be your rock,
Help you build up your broken walls;
But every time I hand you a brick,
Another one of mine falls.

Normally you would realize;
And see right through my mask,
But you're too far gone to socialize.
Even smiling has become a task.

It's the same for me.
I'm broken behind this mask,
But I won't ever let you see.
Not until I've completed my task.

I promised to help you,
And I know it won't be quick.
I don't care what I have to do.
Even if it means giving you my last brick.

When you lost the ability to cry,
I loaned you my tears.
Now my eyes are dry.
Confirming my worst fears.

In trying to fix you,
I did what I had vowed to do.
I took down my own walls,
Handing over all of my bricks to you.

The worst part is my attempt was in vain,
Because while I'm laying here alone, broken and in pain;
Your on a path of self destruction.
Undoing all of the effort I put into your reconstruction.

I watch with regret,
As you join me on the floor.
Understanding that there's no point to fret,
It won't help us anymore.

I did all I could.
I can do no more.
Hopefully someone who's walls are good,
Can come pick us up off this floor.

The author's comments:
This was inspired by my Uncle who is three years older than me.

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