May 5, 2009
By Veronica Riojas BRONZE, San Antonio, Texas
Veronica Riojas BRONZE, San Antonio, Texas
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It was winter; the air was cold and her skin warm.
An unchanging smile held tightly to her lips.
“Sleep…but not forever” a small voice whispered.
Her nerves began to convulse,
“Edmund” she screamed, but as usual
Silence was the only sound filling the room.
A dour expression decorated her young face.
“Why does he never answer?” she asked.

It was spring; the air was cool and her skin warm.
“Today is my birthday” she cheered.
“I’ll get a new party dress and there will be candles”
A dress was given and candles were lit.
The dress was black and the candles curved.
“Surely they haven’t forgotten” she assured herself.
Soon anger and sorrow arose inside her.
“Just pretend you love me” she whimpered out,
attempting to remove herself from the bed.
But her arms were heavy and her legs unwilling to move.

It was summer; the air was hot and her skin cool.
Though it was summer, a light drizzle carried on outside,
gently coating the soil in a thin sheen of dampness.
The rain made her smile.
She felt alive.
Memories suddenly began to flood her mind as she stared out.
She recalled one in particular,
It was of her mother screaming and crying.
Her father looked angry and her brother, Edmund, looked scared.
She soon felt weary and the brightness of her eyes faded.
“I am sleepy” she announced, slowly closing her fair eyes.

It was fall; the air was chilled and her skin frozen.
An unchanging smile still held tightly to her lips,
but her eyes were shut and her arms laid limply at her side.
The warmth of life no longer embraced her.

The author's comments:
* Hime – Japanese for princess

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