Twilight Poem Two

May 5, 2009
By TwilightFreak1 BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
TwilightFreak1 BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
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He left me here waiting
Without a word or a prayer
Forced me to find someone else
Who I could never love

He let me go so I could be
What he wanted for me
But how can I move on from him
When we were meant to be

I went and found someone to help me heal
My wound in my chest that he left
But in the end I could never feel
As strongly as I did before

How can I ever heal without him here
How can I ever love again
How come he didn’t love me
When I just wanted him near

I made a promise to him
To keep myself safe
But he broke his long ago
And now I wont keep mine

Ill do whatever I can
To hear his voice again
I will search till the end of the world
Just to hear that he cares

I went and jumped off the cliff
And tried to let go of my dreams
I only did so I could live my fairytale
Back when he loved me

Now I’m running to save our lives
For our fates are intertwined
Save the reason for my existence
And to save my reason to love

When I saw him standing there
I felt whole again
I felt love in my heart again
And now Im in his arms again
And love having him here
Now my life is whole
My love is restored
The fairytale back on again
And now I have my soul

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